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Cotton pads

100% Pure Cotton

Cleansing Make-Up Remover Pads

Alcohol free
ph balanced
Removes all make-up Including water-proof mascara

Liquid Soap

Enriched with vitamin E
Helps terminate wide range of bacteria
Toxic pH balanced to be gentle on your skin

Shaving Foam

Rich creamy lather for a comfortable shave.
Spreads evenly and rinses easily to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

Sparkling White Facial Foam

Cleanses & help retain moisture
Reduces impurities & skin blemishes
Helps to protect against skin damages caused by environmental aggression Hand Sanitizer Wipes
Contains Moisturizers & vitamin E
Removes 99.9% germs & bacteria

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Contains Moisturizers & vitamin E
Removes 99.9% germs & bacteria

Air Freshner

Designed with eco- friendly ingredients
Remove all odour & freshens all the rooms in your home.

Dry Tissue

3 Ply
Pocket pack

Facial Cleansing Wipes

Anti Bacterial
Alcohol Free
pH balanced & Aloe Vera enriched
Moisturises & cleanses skin

Ear Buds

100% Pure Cotton
Gentle on eardrums

Facial Mask

Aloe prevent wrinkle face mask Delay wrinkles, perfect formula
Milk whitening face mask Instant moisture, white & shine
Red wine repairing face mask Tender & soften skin, shrink pores, Help skin breath freely

No Rinse Hand Sanitizer

Contain Moisturiser & vitamin E
Kills 99.9% bacteria & germs
Leaves hand feeling soft & refreshed

Estonia STRAIGHT CONFIDENT Hair Straightner Cream

Strong formula
Straight with Iron Tong
Available in 60ml packing

Estonia Hair Spa Treatment

Contains Ginseng and 7 Herbs Extracts
for Nourish Hair and Scalp
Available in 250ml & 500ml Box

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